Picnic Mat

$410 NZD

This generously sized picnic mat is crafted from high quality canvas, perfect for picnics, BBQ's, concerts, a shelter, ground cover for a swag or as a camping mat to keep things dry. Its robust canvas is designed to endure rain, mud, and sand, making it ideal for any adventure.

Made from 100% waterproofed canvas and comes with 4 eyelets. These eyelets are designed for securing the canvas with ropes, allowing it to be used as a tarp or to create a shelter. It's a versatile and robust companion for any outing and is best stored in your car, ready to be used whenever the need arises.

It includes a convenient cotton webbed strap that allows for easy carrying either over the shoulder or by hand.

Made of waterproofed canvas.

1.64m x 3m

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